Hagens Berman: Massachusetts Consumers Sue Nestle for Allegedly Using Child and Slave Labor to Make Chocolate - Business Wire 12 February 2018

A new court program will help child sex trafficking victims find help and heal in Washington D.C. - Thompson Reuters 29 January 2018

Nevsun appeals to Canada Supreme Court in Eritreans' forced labor lawsuit - Reuters 27 January 2018

Cambodians to appeal US court's dismissal of Thai trafficking case - The Phnom Penh Post 11 January 2018

Samsung Targeted by French Lawsuit Amid Alleged Labor Abuse - US News 11 January 2018

Federal judge dismisses human trafficking lawsuit against US, Thai companies - SeafoodSource 5 January 2018

Modern slavers who forced Vietnamese children to work in UK nail salons are jailed - SCMP 3 January 2018

Indonesian Fishermen Settle Labor-Trafficking Case - Courthousenews 3 January 2018 (see terms of settlement)


From data to laws, five gains in global anti-slavery fight in 2017 - Thomson Reuters 28 December 2017

Taking UK's lead, Commonwealth lawmakers set sights on modern slavery - Thomson Reuters 14 December 2017

Australia needs new watchdog to tackle slavery, parliamentary inquiry says - The Guardian 7 December 2017 (see report "Hidden in Plain Sight")

ANALYSIS-Lawmakers push for US ban on slave-made goods to sharpen its bite - Thomson Reuters Foundation 30 November 2017

'New era': Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses - National Post 29 November 2017

Family members linked to nearly half of child trafficking cases, new UN-backed data reveals - UN News Centre 28 November 2017

France: Analysis of penalties imposed on companies in new 'duty of vigilance' law -- Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 22 November 2017

U.N. Security Council approves tougher action on human trafficking - Thomson Reuters Foundation 21 November 2017

Appeal court confirms slave labour lawsuit against Canadian mining company can go to trial - Canadian Centre for International Justice 21 November 2017

Tighter standards of conduct for supply chains - Financial Times 16 November 2017

UN Aims to End Forced Labor in the Supply Chain - MH&L News 25 October 2017

40 Thai berry pickers to testify in human trafficking trial in Finnish court - yle 19 October 2017

Criticised for overlooking slavery risks, L'Oreal keeps eye on mica, executive says- Thomson Reuter 5 October 2017

Australia’s ‘Modern Slavery’ Proposal Falls Short - Human Rights Watch 5 September 2017

UN Financial Sector Collaboration Seeks to Disrupt Over $150 Billion Human Trafficking Business - UN University 11 July 2017 (see report)

US to declare China among worst human trafficking offenders – officials - The Guardian 26 June 2017

How investors can help beat forced labour and slavery - Eco-Business 27 May 2017                

Human trafficking is in plain sight. Are you supporting it without knowing? - Forbes 24 April 2017

Banks can help fight against trafficking and slavery, says report - Financial Express 16 March 2017 (see report)

Lawsuits filed against website known for illegal prostitution and human trafficking - Legal Reader 13 February 2017

Human Traffickers face cash crunch after Western Union probe - Asia Times 7 February 2017

US Court dismissed suit over 'forced-labour' Thai shrimp - Bangkok Post 26 January 2017

DARPA program helps to fight human trafficking - U.S. Department of Defense News 4 January 2017

From DNA to laws to data, five key tools to combat trafficking in 2017 - Japan Today 2 January 2017



UNODC report on human trafficking exposes modern form of slavery - UNODC (see report)

Houston's SAFE Court Offers Victims of Human Trafficking a New Path - Center for Court Innovation 11 November 2016 (read more about SAFE Court here)

Global treaties provide blueprint to 'seal cracks' in legal regime on human trafficking - UN News Center 28 October 2016

Release of the first annual report from the United States Advisory Council on human trafficking - US Department of State 17 October 2016 (see report)

Lawsuit alleges human trafficking on American fishing boat: Sorihin v. Sea Queen II - LexisNexis 26 September 2016 (see complaint)

Hawaiian seafood caught by foreign crews confined on boats - AP 8 September 2016

First Graduate of Human Trafficking Court Celebrates Her Success - Michigan Law Newsroom 7 September 2016 (read about Washtenaw County Human Trafficking Court)

Protection of victims of human trafficking and the ECTHR's inadmissibility decision in G.J. v. Spain - European Database of Asylum Law 7 September 2016

United Kingdom: Cherie Blair and Miriam Gonzalez: why companies must act on slavery law - The Guardian 22 August 2016

Cambodians sue US and Thai firms over trafficking and forced labour claims - The Guardian 18 August 2016 (see complaint)

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report: How Does Your Country Fare? - CNN 30 June 2016

US Seafood lawsuit: Cambodian villagers sue Thai & US Companies - Bangkok Post 13 June 2016

Court finds UK gangmaster liable for modern slavery victims - The Guardian 10 June 2016 (see Galdikas & Ors v DJ Houghton Catching Services Ltd & Ors)

Andrew Forrest puts world's richest countries on notice: Global Slavery Index - The Sydney Morning Herald 31 May 2016 (see the 2016 Global Slavery Index)

Bribery and Corruption: The Link to GLobal Slavery - GT News 11 May 2016

Alleged forced labour victim treated 'like family member' - BBC News 9 May 2016

Understanding Illicit Trade: Impact of human trafficking and smuggling on the private sector - The Global Initiative 6 May 2016 (see report)

Boys aged eight among known potential victims of forced marriage in UK - The Guardian 20 April 2016

'Prison was holiday camp compared to forced labour', court hears - BBC 20 April 2016

Only 5% of Australian fashion firms know origin of raw materials, says report - The Guardian 20 April 2016 (see the 2016 Australian Fashion Report)

US State Department releases grim report on world human rights practices - The Jurist 14 April 2016 (see Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015)

New Tools Benchmark Corporate Efforts to Eliminate Modern Slavery - Sustainable Brands 25 March 2016

Sedex tackles forced labour with new guidance - Sedex Associate Auditor Group 22 March 2016 (see Guidance on Operational Practice & Indicators for Forced Labour)

Economic freedom essential to fighting human trafficking - The Daily Signal 15 March 2016

Bali Process to draft emergency response mechanism for people smuggling, trafficking - The Jakarta Post 11 March 2016

With new law, U.S. takes on slavery by banning forced labor imports - Reuters 24 February 2016

Amnesty: worldwide human rights 'in danger of unraveling' - The Jurist 24 February 2016 (see Annual Report 2015/2016)

United Kingdom joins renewed fight to end forced labour - ILO News 22 January 2016

Costco Slave Labor Suit Dismissed - Findlaw 21 January 2016 

New multi-year initiative launched to set up global response to trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants - UNODC News 21 January 2016

Companies don't fight forced labour - Independent Online 14 January 2016

Modern-day slaves are suing the traffickers - CNN 8 January 2016





Regional (emphasis on Hong Kong and Thailand)


Challenge to Hong Kong's Live-in Domestic Worker Rule Fails - Hong Kong Free Press 14 February 2018

Defamation trial for Myanmar workers over chicken farm abuse - Bangkok Post 7 February 2018

Criminal defamation trial against 14 migrant workers who reported abuse begins in Thailand - Finnwatch 6 February 2018

6 trafficking convicts lose court appeal - Bangkok Post 31 January 2018

Hong Kong set to jail 'dishonest' maid recruiters in slavery fight - Reuters 30 January 2018

Thailand: Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets. Reforms fall short of addressing EU, US concerns - HRW 23 January 2018 (see report)

DSI follows the money in Victoria's case to track down more suspects - The Nation 23 January 2018

Malaysia: Special court to deal with human-trafficking cases soon - The Star 13 January 2018

DSI issues report card on human trafficking - Bangkok Post 1 January 2018


New wave of Cambodian domestic helpers 'know risks' that come with working in Hong Kong - SCMP 28 December 2017

Tortured helper Erwiana wins HK$809,430 civil claim against abusive Hong Kong employer - SCMP 21 December 2017

Thai court throws out case of trafficked men - The Phnom Penh Post 19 December 2017

How Hong Kong failed Madagascar’s domestic helpers - SCMP 17 December 2017

'Ying Kai' cleared of one human trafficking charge - Bangkok Post 1 December 2017

Poverty Wages, Toxic Conditions on Palm Oil Plantations Linked to PepsiCo, Nestlé - International Labor Rights Forum 27 November 2017 (see report)

High Court victory sets precedent for migrant workers' rights - The Online Citizen 21 November 2017

ASEAN leaders sign commitment protecting migrant workers - Rappler 14 November 2017

Domestic helpers in Hong Kong promised flexible arrangements after Philippine government crackdown - SCMP 13 November 2017

Thai footwear-maker to sign MoU with Myanmar workers - Myanmar Times 31 October 2017

ASEAN can benefit from lower barriers to labour migration: World Bank report - Straits Times 9 October 2017

Domestic worker challenges live-in rule in landmark case - Macau Daily Times 5 October 2017

Myanmar workers fight defamation charges in Thai chicken farm case - Thomson Reuters 4 October 2017

Rule requiring domestic workers to live with employers faces legal challenge - Hong Kong Free Press 3 October 2017

Supreme Court final ruling favours Bt1.7 million in rights compensation to Myanmar workers - The Nations 14 September 2017

NGOs and legal professionals demand anti-human trafficking legislation in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Free Press 2 August 2017

Petitioners urge legislation to outlaw human-trafficking in Hong Kong - South China Morning Post 30 July 2017

Thai general, provincial politicians found guilty in trafficking trial - Reuters 19 July 2017

Special Report No 9: EU support to fight human trafficking in South/South-East Asia - European Court of Auditors 20 June 2017

Legal weapons in the war on slavery and child abuse - Financial Times 2 June 2017

Slave husbands of Hong Kong: the men who marry into servitude - South China Morning Post 22 May 2017

Why Hong Kong’s plan for Cambodian maids may be hard work all round - South China Morning Post 29 April 2017

8 charged under Singapore's human trafficking laws since 2015 - Channel NewsAsia 16 April 2017

Thai human traffickers jailed - The Maritime Executive 21 March 2017

Rohingya trafficking verdict set - Bangkok Post 26 February 2017

Hong Kong human trafficking case leads to landmark court ruling - CNN 22 February 2017

PH ratifies convention vs human trafficking - The Manila Times 13 February 2017

North Korea: End rampant forced child labor - Human Rights Watch 13 February 2017

Thai efforts at tackling human trafficking getting better - The Nation 6 February 2017

How Hong Kong contributes to China's human rights law - South China Morning Post 23 January 2017

The courts and the UN have spoken, now Hong Kong must act to end human slavery - Hong Kong Free Press 18 January 2017

Hong Kong employment agencies risk losing their licence if they don’t follow new code of practice - South China Morning Post 13 January 2017



Human trafficking victim wins case against Hong Kong authorities - South China Morning Post 28 December 2016 (see ZN v Secretary for Justice and Others)

Judge criticises Hong Kong's human trafficking regime after officials ignored forced labour victim - South China Morning Post 24 December 2016

Thai court rejects defamation case brought by fruit company against labour activist Andy Hall - South China Morning Post 3 November 2016

Finance, wealth and ... slavery? Hong Kong one of Asia's worst for forced labour - South China Morning Post 29 October 2016

British activist found guilty in Thailand over report alleging labour abuses - The Guardian 20 September 2016

Thai kingpin jailed for 35 years for Rohingya human-trafficking - South China Morning Post 1 September 2016

Press Releases: Thailand Ratifies the ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP) - Minister of Foreign Affairs 24 July 2016

Response to US Trafficking in Persons Report - Press Releases by Hong Kong Government 30 June 2016

Underage girls, rape...and handbags: inside the murky world of Hong Kong's compensated dating scene - 30 June 2016

Thai food giant drops chicken farm over labour abuses - Global Post 29 June 2016 

Woman arrested for human-trafficking - Bangkok Post 19 June 2016

Two women arrested for human trafficking - Bangkok Post 5 June 2016

Hong Kong government spokesman rejects findings of modern slavery report - South China Morning Post 31 May 2016

Hong Kong ranks alongside North Korea and Iran as one of worst places in world at dealing with modern slavery - South China Morning Post 31 May 2016

India unveils first-ever comprehensive draft law on human trafficking - The Siasat Daily 31 May 2016

H&M suppliers guilty of labour rights abuses, report alleges - The Phnom Penh Post 23 May 2016

Asia must act now to end modern slavery - The Straits Times 20 May 2016

Ex-domestic helper Xyza Bacani on her Hong Kong photo show about human trafficking - South China Morning Post 18 May 2016

Thai Court to Hear Human Trafficking Case - The Maritime Executive 9 May 2016

NK farming out forced labour to the European Union - Daily Times 2 May 2016

Hong Kong government issues draft code of conduct for domestic helper agencies - South China Morning Post 20 April 2016

People-smuggling gang busted - The Standard 21 March 2016

4 things to know about Thailand's trial of 92 alleged human traffickers - Time 18 March 2016

Helper Rights Group Tells of Human Trafficking by Agencies - The Standard 16 March 2016

Thailand begins major human trafficking trial - abc news 15 March 2016

Forced labour common among HOng Kong's domestic helpers, study finds - The Guardian 14 March 2016

New national approach to tackle human trafficking in Singapore - The Straits Times 10 March 2016

Hong Kong’s human-trafficking problem is focus at conference - South China Morning Post 5 March 2016

US law targeting goods linked to forced labour 'good for Thailand' - The Nation 27 February 2016

Rights groups want EU fishing 'yellow card' extended - Bangkok Post 26 February 2016

NLA accepts Human Trafficking Criminal Procedure Act - NNT 30 January 2016

Cambodia, Singapore Deposit Instrument of Ratification of the ASEAN Convention against Trafficking in Persons - ASEAN news 25 January 2016

South Asian was not victim of forced labour, Hong Kong Court told - South China Morning Post 14 January 2016

Landmark case to test human trafficking laws in Hong Kong - Channel Newsasia 12 January 2016

Man 'trafficked, abused' by Hong Kong employer - The Rakyat Post 12 January 2016

Spotting slavery: why Hong Kong banks are looking for Q rather than James Bond - South China Morning Post 10 January 2016